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DIGITAL LENGTH MEASURING SYSTEMS                                   Schut for Precision

  Magnescale digital dial indicators

  By using the same display as the LU20, this very robust Magnescale DU10 digital dial indicator
offers the same functions. This means that graphs are shown directly and in real-time, as well as that
data can be stored, or sent through Bluetooth. To utilize this, apps are available for IOS-, Android-
and Windows operating systems. Storage of data is possible by using a MicroSD card. The DU10
digital dial indicator has an exceptionally high accuracy suitable for high precision measurements, but
is also very suitable for use in the workshop due to its robust construction.
DU10‑12 / DU10‑30
	 Measuring range: 0 - 30.
	 Resolution: 346.426: 0.1 µm  

  	 346.427: 0.5 µm.
	 Storage for min, max, and max-min values.
	 Reset/preset.
	 Zero setting possible at any position.
	 Measure with or without tolerance limits;

  Go/No-Go displayed.
	 Bluetooth data transfer, storage on MicroSD

	 USB Type-C connector rechargeable lithium-

  ion battery (charger not included).
	 Key lock.
	 Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C.
	 Dimensions: 64(W) x 49(D) x 156(H) mm.


Item No. Type/description                   Measuring range/mm     Accuracy/µm    Price EUR
346.426 DU10-12 digital dial indicator                                   1
346.427 DU10-30 digital dial indicator      0 - 12              	        1.5
                                            0 - 30              	

  Magnescale Rolling Mill

  Magnescale Rolling Mill is a feedback scale system used in rolling mills where
metal is rolled into sheets and bars. Magnescale is a proven and reliable
system, which is shock- and waterproof and resistant against high

  Magnescale specials

  Due to the slim design and resistance against harsh environments
the Magnescale scales can be implemented in various systems
and processes. The SR-721SP can for example be built
into linear actuator cylinders.

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