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Schut Geometrical Metrology                     DIGITAL LENGTH MEASURING SYSTEMS

Magnescale gauge systems

  The Magnescale LU20 is a portable display to read out the Magnescale DM10 digital lever gauge
or a Magnescale USB gauge (see Magnescale USB gauges elsewhere in this catalog). The LU20
has a lithium-ion battery with a very long operating life (up to 80 hours). With the standard included
magnetic stand, the LU20 can be securely positioned. The 2.7” color touch-screen is easy to set up
and displays, both digitally and through an analog pointer, very accurately any movements with a
resolution starting at 0.1 μm. By setting tolerance limits, Go and NoGo graphs can be displayed.

  The LU20 has the following functions: current, max, min, max-min, and tolerance value display,
and even a graphical display of straightness and roundness. This makes the LU20 extremely useful
for evaluating geometry and the alignment of mechanical parts. Data can be sent using the Bluetooth
transmitter. To utilize this, apps are available for IOS-, Android- and Windows operating systems.
Storage of data is possible by using a MicroSD card.

LU20                                                DM10
	 USB Type-A connector gauge input.                	 Measuring range: 346.423: 1 mm,
	 Storage for min, max, and max-min values.
	 Reset/preset.                                      	 346.424: 2 mm.
	 Zero setting possible at any position.           	 Stylus length: 346.423: 11 mm,
	 Measure with or without tolerance limits;
                                                      	 346.424: 41 mm.
  Go/Nogo displayed.                                	 Resolution: 346.423: 0.1 µm,
	 Bluetooth data transfer, storage on MicroSD
                                                      	 346.424: 0.2 µm.
  card.                                             	 Cable length: 200 mm.
	 USB Type-C connector rechargeable lithium-       	 Connector: USB Type-A.

  ion battery (charger not included).
	 Key lock.
	 Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C.
	 Battery operating life: 80 hours (DM10),

  8 hours (USB gauge).
	 Dimensions: 64(W) x 40(D) x 91(H) mm.
	 Standard included:

  Magnetic stand, extension cable, manual,
  2 lithium-ion batteries (interchangeable).

                                                                                        + 346.423

      USB probe                                                                   Price EUR             C01.334.EN.20240625

       Item No. Type/description                11  Measuring instruments and systems 2023/2024
       346.425 LU20 display
       346.423 DM10-01 electronic probe
       346.424 DM10-02 electronic probe

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