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Schut Geometrical Metrology                          Selection and quality

  Expert advice                                      We aim at supplying a wide lineup of
                                                   geometrical measuring instruments and systems.
  Our technical advisors provide you a clear       In this specialized catalog we made an extensive
explanation and expert advice. Speak directly      selection of more than 38000 sales products in
to a specialist. Our advisors are glad to discuss  different price ranges. Besides products from
with you the possibilities and the application     well-known manufacturers we supply our own
of your measuring instruments and e.g. the         brand Filetta with an attractive price.
connection of the instruments to a PC.

  Besides products displayed in this catalog,        Calibration service
various other products can be supplied. You
can also contact us for products that vary with      Some products are suplied with an
the standard design or for custom measuring        manufacturer measuring report or declaration
fixtures.                                          of conformity. In many cases this suits a quality
                                                   system. When a
                                                   traceable measuring
  Logistics                                        report is required
                                                   we can arrange this
  You can reach our sales department on            through one of our
working days from 8.30 until 17.00 (Friday:        calibration-partners.
16.00). Orders can be placed by e‑mail,
telephone and post. We guarantee a fast and          Service and support
accurate processing. We aim for orders placed
before 15.00 to ship within the same day             Our specialized service and support
(provided that the items are on stock). The terms  departments assist you with various technical
of sales and delivery can be found in the last     assignments.
part of this catalog.
                                                     For repairs, our service department can
  A large stock of products is essential to serve  assist you, with many years of experience in
you as quickly as possible. That is why we         geometrical metrology and a large stock of
have more than 170000 items on stock that we       spare parts. The possibility of performing most
ship directly from our warehouse. The order        repairs internally, saves you cost and time.
processing is completely automated.
                                                     Our support department provides you advice,
                                                   training, online support and custom applications
                                                   for the DeMeet measuring machines.


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