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Schut Geometrical Metrology (Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv) is an international organization, founded in 1949, with five offices throughout Europe, specialized in the development, production, sales and service of precision measuring instruments and systems.
Schut Geometrical Metrology is ISO 9001 certified. Our reliable service and excellent technical advice assist you in determining your optimal quality strategy.

Products developed and produced by Schut Geometrical Metrology are the 3D CNC coordinate measuring machines DeMeet (video, touch probe and multi-sensor model) and product fixture systems.

Besides products of well-known producers like Magnescale (electronic scales, gauges and display units), TESA, Mitutoyo, Helios-Preisser (measuring instruments), Fisso (dial indicator stands), Käfer and Peacock (dial indicators), Witte (Alufix fixture system), Peak (magnifiers and microscopes), LMW (gauges), Schwenk and Krœplin (internal/external measuring instruments), Dino-Lite (digital microscopes) and Renishaw (probe systems) Schut offers an extensive range of measuring equipment in various price ranges, such as microscopes, surface plates, measuring stands, dial indicators, rulers, straight edges, squares, angle measuring instruments, micrometers and calipers.

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